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Brandon Graham — LiveJournal

Hello, It's raining nicely outside and I have big plans to not sleep until I see the sun.
no sun,no sleep-- this is vampire hours but with plenty of garlic and high stakes.
I just had a ton of visiting friends and family and now I'm really excited to lock my doors fill the moat with acid and crawl back into my work.

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Here's an old short I did for Meathaus #8 My homie Chris McD was nice enough to send me the files of it he had. I drew this on a trip to LA as my art therapy while going through a break up ---years before this current life of Marian muffin servitude.
it's got Frank Zappa and a girl eating a banana in the shower in it.
The rest under the cut:
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My schedule has been pushed to that crazy point where I'm waking up
at 10 pm. So good morning/night.

I'll do more inkstuds.com stuff soon but tonight I wanted to get into it here.

Stokoe let me do a cover for his Orc masterbatory masterpiece:

I'm excited to do a back up story for it sooon.
I think after me he's going to have his misses, Marley and Marian, Mr Sheldon Vella etc etc. all doing covers.
It should be cool to see.

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Hey low,

I've been ranting about CAMIX! over on the Inkstuds again.
For some reason I feel like posting there is a classier joint, it makes it harder to
put up cyborg drawings.

Aside from that, my new drawing schedule has mutated into something I like
I've been staying up all night with the goal to ink a page and pencil the next before
I sleep. King city is so close to done it's disgusting.

This morning I did this in my sketchbook.

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