Brandon Graham (royalboiler) wrote,
Brandon Graham

may the god of manga fall apon my right hand.

I spent the last couple weeks working on short back up comic
set in the world of Oni press's Ressurection book.
It's about an almost moden day earth right after an alien attack.

I didn't really put any jokes or anything science fiction/ fantasy in the story.
It's a tough time fighting my urges to throw mole men and lazer swords in every story.

Here's a page from it.

And now I'm back on King city--slow and steady towards the end.
Today I'm eating a Kimchi bowl noodle and working on the cover for issue 7.
Here's how it looks like so far, cat and girl.

Aside from drawing I've been over at Stokoe and Marleys place a lot watching old Gundam
episodes. Man when I was a teenager I regarded giant robot shows as the animation
equivalent of watching sports (cheezedick) But I guess for Stokoe it's the natural
trasition from Mecha Godzilla.

A couple things hit me about the show.
For one, future space millatary needs stricter rules about hair length.
Those long 70's locks with get you killed with all these fast moving space combat situations with airlocks and moble suits opening and closing all the time and shit.

Look at this cocky mutherfucker.

Char's got the nerve to wear fucking Sunglasses in space ,shirts with no sleves and
go around pretending his name is Quattro Bajeena.....nice disguise asshole.

Also also-- I just don't buy the dudes they show who design the Gundam's
This is Franklin Bidan and the Gundam he built:

Where did that L7 square, space wingtip wearing motherfucker ever come up
with the feet for that robot?
Those feet were clearly designed by someone that regularly mastrerbates into a pair
of 93 Reebocks.

Also the leader of the villans, the Titans is clearly one of the android bodies
that Krang wears in TMNT.

ANYWAY, I also watched this Urasawa video:

It's really interesting to me to see, what seems to me to be an ideal set up for producing
a shit ton of pages. and I like that they call Urasawa's editors his brains.

Urasawa's work seems suited to having assistants. I guess because so much of the good stuff in his books is because of the overall plot of the thing.
Me and Stokoe talked about if that type of thing would ever be possible on this continent.
We both decided we were too hard to work with and self important in our own comics to even consider it.
Plus I do think the kind of work we do wouldn't work without everything drawn by one dude.

Here's some Urasawa album cover thing;

I've also been reading a lot of stuff on that website is like xmas.
I'm up to chapter 60 of Monster and I really dug Akira Toriyama's post Dragon ball
fat cat comic, Neko Majin.

I really like this gas station attendent in it.

and some other Toriyama one page hooker comic.

Another thing I was reading on onemanga was this super trashy comic,
B Reaction. About this self trained vigalantie high school student martial artist who
falls for his teacher who is also his karate instructor and also a ring girl.
It's classssy:

shh she's sleeping.
It struck me how technically capable but also trashy it was. It's like if the
dudes making fathom or Witchblade were more competent.


and I got an old Kenichi Sonada Gun smith cats book for a Canadian dollar the other day.
I really like how they save this kid.

and here's an 80's camera ad that Otomo did

and animated

Aight, I'm off to draw now.
I just found out that me and Marian are going to be at A.P.E in SF next month
and right after I'm going to the Savannah college of art and design (SCAD)to talk to their students about comics.

It'll be my first trip back to that country that spawned me in over a year.

ooh and also there's this retarded thing:

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