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Brandon Graham

I'm moving this to a wordpress site.

I'm into the idea of doing shorter posts more often.
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Here's a tintin sketch I did for a tintin talk that me and my pal Joe did.

You can read it here:

and a good the bad and ugly drawing out of my sketchbook with them quoting KRS and Crooked I:

oh lee van clief, you pussy hound.
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So awhile back Paul Pope did a redraw of a Moebius panel out of his short
The apple pie.

I like treating this comics as a call and response, so I tried my hand at the same panel
but switched it up to be the Pie pie mermaid out of Dragon ball.

I should mention that this is one of the rare Moebius scenes that I've never quite jived with
since it's a sexualized shit of a girl who looks like she should still have an umbilical cord attached. But I like how he did the hair and it's just a drawing so whatever whatever.

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I will Cut, Hog Tie and Eat you.Collapse )

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Here's a photo of my dads Dome and a picture he took out of an airplane.


I've been getting back into drawing Multiple warheads, I feel like I'm just starting to wrap my brain around the larger story 70 something pages in.

Here's a 2 page spread, the Waleing wall. Where the characters hang out for a couple issues.
Solve some mysteries and eat some pasteries.

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