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Brandon Graham

I just got back from Marian row boating me around these island waters.

It's been a day of drawing multiple warheads and reading comics on the toilet.
I just read one about a priest that turns into a batman werewolf thing to fight
a motorcycle gang that's been turned into rapist murderers by toxic waste.
It was not good.

Toxic waste is the lowest of mutating oozes.

I think it would go.
toxic waste as the lowest of the low.
HULK gamma radiation
and then tcri ooze as the best----hmm this might require some thought.

Here's a photo of a big drawing I did for an art show awhile back.

Also I ran into this Frank Thorne cover

I really like how into it the old guy is. It reminds me of old british science fiction TV.
Blakes 7 ish. "damn you Servalan!"

I really think that a photo cover could work for a comic.
Maybe more for an anthology book than just a single story.
I mean I'm not going to dress up a girl like sexica. But
there's something awesome there.

Here's a Moebius thing I hadn't seen before:

and more here:

and a Herge thing

Ok I'm going back to drawing now.

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