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Brandon Graham

Hello dudes,

I've been coloring all week.
I'm real happy with this new Multiple warheads.
Some days I can't even believe it that I get to do this shit all day everyday.
I mean I bitch and complain like no one else but let's not dwell on that.

Here's a scraped thing I did on a whim one morning. I was going to put it in a book
but it's kind of dumb and I thought of something better to go in its place.

The fox is based of off my pal Doug at Oni.

And here's another thing I did one morning before starting pages:

It was for Mike Vega--there's a nod to his and Diana Sprinkle's book Saiko and Lavender in the form of a pigmy elephant in there.

The big news this week is that me and my old Meathaus friend Tom Herpich
started a back and forth blog called Posh spies.
It's kind of an invention exchange.
Here's my first entry that my pal Claire helped me come up with.
Wind up tea--

And unrelated to anything here's an SD Ultraman comic that I scanned from an old manga.

Story of my life.

And some Merle Haggard. I always think of that scene in Sin city where Marv is
taking Dwight to old town while he bleeds and Marv is taking about Merle.

Things I learned in a hobo jungle--

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Brandon Graham
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