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Brandon Graham
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It's a busy day drawing.
I'm getting a bunch of commisions ready to mail on monday
and a king city page and I gotta start the cover for my pal Kevins Clockwork girl trade.

Here's a drawing of the cat I'm sending to france.

Pagge 128 of king today.

Aside from the Conan book I've been reading. I got an old Kelly Green
book by Stan Drake & Leonard Starr.

(different cover than the one I got)

It's interesting, so well drawn. as far as I know it was made by a couple of american newspaper dudes that got free reign to make french graphic novels.
It's like the closest to a 70's B movie I've ever seen a comic get.

Oh hells yeah.

Here's one of my favorite scenes where Kelly's dead cop husband's old partner is giving her tips on how to make all her lady stuff hidden weapons.

Oh yeah, she's dressed that way because she's working as a stripper to find
her husbands killer.

Another awesome part is the gay gay strip club owner.

"no offense but every gay I've ever met.."

It was obviosly made by some dudes that knew what they were doing
but the whole thing is so juvenile. For instance this is how kelly green takes a shower after a tense night dealing with black mailers and drunken rapists:

I need book 2.

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Brandon Graham
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