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I just finished up a slow first chapter of Multiple warheads issue 3.
Sometimes it seems like the hardest part is getting out of my own head and just
doing what I like without overthinking every line.

It's a constant tightening and loosening of the screws.
I've been trying out Marian's working method of no music in the morning while I pencil and think and then noise in the evening once the plan is set.

Somedays I have to put shit like this panel into the book just to remind myself that
it's just for fun.

I'm not sorry!

Here's a title page that I had a lot of fun with.

Before I drew that I did this color test in photoshop.

I'm having a lot of fun coming up with color codes for things.
Red and pink are the colors of all the propaganda posters and blue in the color of
the ghost energy that powers the place.

I got a new sketchbook I've named Century.
Here's a Kei Dirty pair drawing I did in it wearing a shirt like those
Wu tang shirts that list every member.

I don't know how I managed to mispell Moebius.


My pal Sheldon (shelllldoooonnnnn) has a nice new site up here:
And here's some of his art to remind people how fucking good dude is.

Here's a great King city and Chun Li drawing by Ron Ackin.

His stuff reminds me of that same kind of cool you'd see in Dawud Anyabwile's 90's
Brotherman comics.
More of his work here:
For Xmas my dear sweet inlaws got me the new Dark horse edition of Black magic.
It's nice to read early early Shirow. It's almost reads like 2 seperate comics that never
quite meet. Still great fun stuff.

The logo on the new DH version kills me especially after they already had those rad Studio proteus logos. So I fucked around and made my own version.

That's the DH one on the left and mine on the right.

I don't think I quite got what I wanted. I'm not always as slick woth logos as I
think I am. Mostly I just want to live in a world where people get called on work like that.
You did what on trhe front of a Shirow book?

I really like the old Japanese logos for it. --that middle one with his name written in straight up ninja funnies nerd font.

While we're on the subject of how much I waste my time on nonsense projects to amuse myself (last one was called king city) this is the kind of thing I send back my pal Moritat when he
sends me his Spirit pages.

Dear DC comics (Detective comics comics),

more hot dogs please.

Sincerely yours,


I've been reading a lot of good stuff.
I just finished Murakami's Sputnik sweetheart.
I feel like every time I read that dudes work it makes me a better writer.

Comics wize, I really liked the Miss don't touch me 2.

The main character reminds me of Marian when she has her wig off.
It has all these great 11 panel French BD dense pages.
Those 3 on the train are great.

I always have a hard time explaining the feel of this book,
how it's so tintin level innocent and still chocked full of hookers.
here's a good brothel scene on the left. And this nice dream in the trees on the right.
Kind of a Craig Thompson feel to it.

I just read the first 50 pages of Dorohedoro (thanks Eddi)
Such nicely weird shit. So It's about a cursed dude who has a lizard head with another guys
head at the back of his throat in a world where everyone uses magic that shoots like smoke out of their fingers. The art hits that 80's manga part of my brain.

I've been reading it here
Viz has the first couple out in english books too.

and someone translated some Fujihiko Hosono Academy of ninjas finnaly-- who won me over with his Crusher Joe manga. I've only read the first chapter so far, I like it.
Like this page on the right with the class of ninjas all sitting on the celing.
that is some ninja shit.

It's up here:

I got another last zombie, I wish it was all Joe Wight all the time on this
but dudes gotta eat I guess. It's got his nice layouts.
I like this page on the right.

Most of the time when I get a new issue of something I'm amazed at how little
happens in each issue. I read a recent Fantastic 4 and it was cool enough until I read
a Kirby issue. He had as much story by page 3 as they had in 24.

I feel like the way most modern comics are written it's like they're trying to make single issues less exciting. These Romans are crazy.

Here's some classy Yuzuki HIKARU stuff.
I like that he not only drew the train with a urethra but also eyes and hands.
Stokoe are you paying attention to this refreshing attitude toward penises?!

his site:

Here's a photo of a Perchance to dream Manara page.
I get the idea he draws them by the row. It'd be an intersting way to

Here's a title page/cover thing from Kuusou Kagaku Edison on the left
and a page from Blue drop on the right. I haven't read either yet but I like the art.
Bluedrop is by Akihito Yoshitomi who did Eatman.

They're up here:
and here

And here's this Marvel 80's Michael Golden drawing.

I remember the first time I saw that Grand central statue in person I was mostly just knew it from this and Heavy liquid.

and a kowloon walled city diagram a frend emailed me.

What have you dudes been reading?

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