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ship in the harbour


I was typing at my pal Joe tonight about my sorid past in the porn trenches, I think it was good for me.
If anything I had fun.

Here's the first porn comic I did when I was 22. 12 long years ago.
The dudes at Radio comix let me do this for their Milk anthology to try out my stuff before they let do my Universe so big book with them.
I based this main character Paris, off of Natalie Imbruglia-- who I don't even think I knew sang back then I just had a magazine with lots of pictures of her in it.

the Seattle hip hop scene was a huge deal to me and I was really into the idea of having all the background graffitti done by real writers.
My BFF Ludroe who did a back up comic in king city 11 did some and 206 hip hop legend Specs one drew the guy on the tittle page.
--there's also a MADK train in there.

The cover here (not the same issue that ran the story --that was #7) was done on blue, brown and white colored paper, cut together and colored with markers. That tiny West seattle was cut off of a bus schedule. REPRESENT!

I tried drawing Paris and Winters again tonight.


Here's a rad KIng city drawing mike mcghee did. I like that crazy horned dude
and how much detail is going on outside the door.

Mike's site is here:

Here's some Jean-Claude Fournier (Spirou and Fantasio)art off of that same site the Adamov was on.
I like that layout with the keyhole panel backed by the street gray.

That dude in the newstand is the only kind of guy I want selling comics.
I'm all love it or leave it about my favorite art form.
more here

My dear sweet inlaws got me this amazing Antarctic press book of Japanese fan art of american 80's superheroes.
Carrie Kelley works so well in that style. "ace the cloak"

The 80's mecha mixed with superheros is an animal I like.

And here's some manga covers I liked.
I'm planning on trying to do something like that top left for a Multiple warheads issue.

And I like the diagram on this rabbit lady.


If you haven't read it yet, there's a really good Tom Spurgeon's talk with Dylan Horrocks:
They go into ideas on coryright and piracy it's a nice sane side to Colleen Doran's
eyerolling bullshit.

here's a good Horrocks quote
"for me that is reaching out to people whose lives can be enriched in some small way by what I do. That's my bottom line. And that's why, for me, the freedom of the Internet is not a threat, but an extraordinary opportunity."


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